Elstar Therapeutics Presents UniTI™ Platform Technology at the 14th Annual PEGS Summit

Cambridge, MA, May 2, 2018—Elstar Therapeutics, a company fulfilling the promise of precision cancer immunotherapy through a powerful new approach to generating multi-functional therapies, will present a poster titled, “UniTI™ platform technology: Mix-and-match simplicity for engineering of multi-functional protein therapeutics” at the 14th Annual PEGS Summit in Boston, Mass. The poster describes Elstar’s Universal Targeted Immunotherapy (UniTI) platform and highlight’s the company’s proprietary technology for production of non-mutated, full IgG bispecific antibodies that avoid light-chain shuffling, a crucial limitation in the manufacture of bispecific antibodies.

Advances in bispecific and multi-specific antibody therapies have been severely limited by light-chain shuffling, which results in production of undesired light-chain/heavy-chain pairs and unacceptably low yield of the desired molecule during manufacturing. This has necessitated the use of unnatural molecular formats with poor production and purification properties as well as sub-optimal stability, formulation and pharmacological properties. To overcome this challenge, Elstar is building bispecific antibodies involving the use of kappa and lambda light-chains in a single molecule. Through a proprietary understanding of the framework and CDR interactions that prevent light-chain shuffling, Elstar’s UniTI™ platform results in 100% correct light-chain pairing using fully natural sequences and industry-standard expression and purification processes, without reliance on costly or yield-reducing purification steps.

“By understanding how to generate bispecific antibodies from natural kappa and lambda sequences, we are able to develop a simpler and more productive generation of bispecific and multi-specific therapies,” said Steve Arkinstall, D.Phil., President and Chief Executive Officer of Elstar Therapeutics. “We are encouraged by our UniTI platform and continue to progress toward our goal to rapidly move drug candidates into clinical trials for several serious hematological and solid malignancies.”

Through the identification of many natural antibody sequences demonstrating various levels of light-chain fidelity, Elstar has developed a proprietary understanding of the heavy-chain/light-chain interactions that avoid light-chain shuffling in chosen bispecific antibody pairings. Elstar’s simple and robust proprietary platform enables efficient generation of bispecific molecules that are then built with additional immune engaging modules that include binding domains, receptor ligands, cytokines, and cytokine traps. The final molecules provide precision targeting to disease tissues through single or dual antigen binding, while potently activating selected cells of the adaptive and innate immune system locally within the tumor. The enhanced selectivity of targeting is designed to yield drugs displaying greater efficacy with reduced systemic immune-related toxicity.

“The information presented today supports the foundation of our UniTI platform technology and overcomes a major historic challenge in bispecific antibody drug discovery that can add years to development times and millions of dollars to production costs,” said Andreas Loew, Ph.D., Elstar’s founder and Chief Scientific Officer. “We look forward to advancing our platform and our pipeline of therapies that exploit precision-targeting to disease tissues to achieve superior efficacy and safety.”

About Elstar Therapeutics, Inc.

Elstar Therapeutics is fulfilling the promise of precision cancer immunotherapy through a powerful new approach to generating antibody-based, multi-functional therapeutics.

Armed with a unique approach to engaging multiple immune mechanisms, Elstar enables patients to harness their own body to fight cancer.

Elstar’s Universal Targeted Immunotherapy (UniTI™) platform is positioned to overcome barriers that are limiting the full potential of other promising immunotherapeutic approaches.

“Our motivation…to be part of the cure for cancer.”

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