Universal Targeted Immunotherapy (UniTI) is Elstar’s fully in-house drug discovery platform that underpins a multimodal approach to driving immunological tumor elimination. It is positioned to successfully build a robust pipeline of cancer immunotherapy programs.

Built upon well-understood and validated therapeutic antibody technologies, UniTI rapidly generates multi-functional antibody-based biologics that can employ dual-targeting of independent tumor cell surface antigens and recruit multiple innate and adaptive immunological mechanisms to attack diseased cells.




Three key features differentiate UniTI molecules:

  • dual antigen binding leading to precision targeting to tumor cells,
  • modular effector mechanisms engaging selected immune cells, and
  • routine, high-yield production processes and excellent drug-like properties.

Elstar’s technology is sufficiently differentiated to overcome barriers that limit others from reaching the full potential of immunotherapeutic drugs.

With UniTI, the complexity is in the final molecule, not in their design, development, or production.